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Business Startup Expert

Create your business plan for a new business idea easily witht the help you need
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Business Startup Expert is business coaching software that provides a complete guide to start new businesses with the guidance of expert plans and assistants which lead the user step by step and on a daily basis to achieve the established goals, either financial, sales, customer service, cost-cutting, etc.
Coaches online are ready to assist the users in sessions designed to provide orientation. The cost of the solution includes the software, 100 coaching sessions, business profitability improvement, business plan review and proofreading, the business profitability improvement is a confidential plan developed by business coaches that outlines strategies to increase your business profitability.
The software interface is easy to use for everyone, because it speaks to the user through headphones, reading the tips and the instructions for each window. The program is intended to be used daily. It includes a prayer, a reaffirmation session and a hypnotic session to reinforce the user’s conviction to start a business and make it grow.
It also has a schedule of different activities to do daily, such as reviewing the user’s financial situation, and reviewing the strategies for revenue, for cost cutting, for advertising, for customer satisfaction, and invites the user to invest some time in doing brainstorming sessions to improve those strategies each day, and also to benchmark the competition by analyzing the information available in order to find new ways of doing things, improve the existing ones and learning more in the process.
Once the user provide the information needed to create a profile (all information is saved only in the computer’s hard disk) the assistant displays tips to create a Business Plan guiding the user step by step. The user can opt to edit a preloaded sample which is used as a guide for the completion of the business plan, and then submit it to the coaches to analyze it and approve it or give improvement tips.
Then the user can copy the text and paste it in a Word document to implement it or to use to find investors. The financial information can also be copied to an Excel document to run projections and analyses.

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  • Online coaching
  • All the tips to start in a software
  • Easy to use


  • The only bug: if you choose to edit some of the preloaded text and you make it wrong you cannot undo it
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